Elementary Food Services

All elementary schools offer a hot lunch program and a school breakfast program. A computerized accounting system allows for prepayment of any amount of money. Please make all checks payable to the School District of Washington. No credit or charging is allowed. Students whose accounts repeatedly show a negative balance may be served a cheese sandwich, fruit and milk. Students must keep a positive balance in their lunch accounts. Report cards may be withheld if a student's lunch account has a negative balance

Students may bring their own lunch, but refrigeration is not available. Please do not send soda or other special treats. These types of rewards should be handled elsewhere. Milk may be purchased as needed. Free and reduced-price lunch applications are available through the school office.

Sharing or trading of food will not be allowed. Federal guidelines are very strict for lunch programs. Confidentiality requirements also make it impossible to allow trading or sharing. The same guidelines do not allow the school to serve a regular school lunch to those without money in their account.

Lunchroom supervisors have the same full discipline authority as teachers.

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Marthasville Elementary Kitchen Manager

Brenda Roloff, Kitchen Manager, [email protected]